Teach for Christ trains and places young adults to serve in Catholic schools for a year as tutors, teachers, coaches, marketers, and mentors - while acquiring the skills professional employers are looking for. Join our dynamic and passionate team of recent college graduates leading Catholic school students to success and to Christ.   

A day in the life...

1. Educator Details: Upon acceptance into the 2017-18 cohort, our Educators are set up with community housing, meals, transportation, a monthly stipend for the entire year, and, as necessary, assistance with college loans. 

2. Summer Training: Our 2017-18 Educator cohort begins on July 19th. We start with a mini-retreat and orientation, followed by complete summer training by learning the best educational practices, as well as the economics and management of Catholic schools.

3. School Pairing: During this summer training period, Educators will be paired with a Catholic school and a professional mentor near their place of residence.  

4. Academic Year Starts: At this point, our Educators are set for the upcoming school year! Each day, our Educators prepare for school, have breakfast as a household, reflect on their mission, and meet with their mentor when they arrive at the school. 

5. Typical Day: A typical day in the classroom could include teaching; helping or tutoring students who need special attention; coaching a sports team; or learning business skills by helping with the marketing and management of the school. 

6. After School & Weekends: Depending on their skills and preferences, our Educators also participate in after-school activities including coaching, tutoring, and mentoring. Educators have most weekends to themselves, and there are many fun activities and service opportunities available over the weekends. Educators will also have holiday and Spring Break vacations. 

It is education which gives man a clear conscious view of his own opinions and judgments, a truth in developing them, an eloquence in expressing them, and a force in urging them.
— Blessed John Henry Newman