Maddy: Igniting St Mark's

As the women’s household leader, Maddy Elking is likely one of the first missionaries you would meet if you walked through our front door. With her cheerful, welcoming personality, she is sure to make you feel right at home! Originally from St. Louis, MO, Maddy came to Teach for Christ after graduating from the University of Mississippi, where she studied Public Policy Leadership and German. (In fact, she came to Teach for Christ after spotting a Facebook advertisement!) Living in a community of women was a natural transition for Maddy. At Ole Miss, she was a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, a community of women (400) only slightly larger than our Teach for Christ household of women (9). She is such a blessing to Teach for Christ, and this article would be pages long if I were to list just the ways in which she has been a blessing to me personally!


In her school assignment, Maddy provides several opportunities for her students to grow spiritually. One of Maddy’s main responsibilities at St. Mark’s School is the middle school Ignite program, which is a faith formation class within the school day, run in a youth group style. Every Wednesday, Maddy and Sr. Fabiola, PES prepare and lead games, talks, and virtue challenges for the students. They focus on a new theme, such as hope, holiness, or charity, every month. Maddy also selected patron saints for every grade. The Kindergarteners were especially excited after Maddy explained the story of Padre Pio, their class’ patron saint. The Kindergarteners promptly announced that they, too, wanted to be great saints just like Padre Pio! Something else Maddy helped initiate at St. Mark’s is a monthly, all-school rosary. Every month, she picks students to lead the different prayers of the rosary and place a bouquet of flowers by Mary. Maddy truly desires for her students to become great saints, and these examples are only a few of the many ways that she lives out this desire!

-Carli Albrecht, Teach for Christ Missionary Educator

Theresa Krueger