Ash Wednesday


It’s Ash Wednesday and you know what that means… the Lenten Season is upon us!  Lent is a very special time of penance, but also of receiving God’s grace. During Lent we have the incredible opportunity to be drawn closer to God in a very special and intimate way, namely by suffering with Jesus through our offerings of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  Like Advent, we are preparing to receive Jesus, though this time not as a baby, but rather in his passion, death, and resurrection. It is important that we take this season of preparation seriously because we will bear fruit from Lent according to our efforts!

The women’s household of Teach for Christ is doing something special this year for Lent.  We held a meeting last week to discuss Lenten practices or sacrifices we could make together as a community.  Many beautiful ideas were suggested for our community to adopt, but the practices we are committing to this year are praying the Stations of the Cross each Friday, making a weekly Holy Hour of Reparation to the Sacred Heart, abstaining from sweets, and praying and offering up intentions for a specific member of the community (we’re calling them ‘Lent Angels’).


I think the most powerful thing about committing to these practices as a community is the element of solidarity.  As a household, we have decided that we will hold one another accountable so we can be successful in sticking to these resolutions and hopefully, by God’s Grace, grow in our spiritual lives!  The most beautiful way we are ensuring accountability is by supporting one another. For example, if a community member fails to pray the Stations of the Cross on Friday the whole community will pray the stations an additional time with the community member who was absent.  In this way, each of us in community has the opportunity to encourage and cheer on one another by helping to keep these commitments that lead us closer to Christ. Please keep the Teach for Christ Women’s Household in your prayers! We will be praying for you. <3

Theresa Krueger