In the Classroom and on the Steps: Teach for Christ at the March for Life


In my many years of participating in the March for Life, this year was particularly unique. Standing amongst my fellow Minnesotans through the cold and snow we marched for the unborn. Minnesotans from across the state gathered at Saint Paul’s Cathedral to pray for our leaders in power. To see the Cathedral filled with people all dedicated to fighting for the rights of the unborn was a beautiful sight. Archbishop Hebda in his homily called upon each of us to continue the mission of upholding the dignity of the weakest and most innocent of society. Despite the cold, we all rallied at the steps of the State Capitol. People poured out of the Cathedral and buses, filling the base of the Capitol Building. Each speaker spoke of both the hardships and the successes of past legislation in Minnesota. Each called on Minnesotans to be pro-life and to not let the failures of past leadership discourage them. Finally, everyone present gathered together and sang God Bless America. Seeing my home state rally together in support of the unborn was a truly inspiring moment. I’ve participated in the national March for Life on a yearly basis since high school, and while there is a true beauty in seeing your country rally together for life, there is also something really special about getting to see your home state come together to fight for the unborn.

To be there with Teach for Christ was a blessing as well because it showed both the commitment of the organization to Catholic teaching and their commitment to the value and dignity of Minnesota’s youth. Teach for Christ’s mission is to aid in the education and betterment of every child we encounter. Missionary Educators value student learning because each of us desires for students to grow, thrive, and become the men and women they are called to be. This desire however, goes beyond the classroom. It goes all the way to the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol. Abortion destroys the chance for a child to grow and prosper. Anything that prohibits a child’s chance at any stage of life is a threat to the betterment of all children. If that chance can’t be guaranteed from the beginning, who’s to say that guarantee will continue for every other stage of life?

That’s why Teach for Christ stood on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol. Showing the state government that we value the chance for a child to flourish is essential—and we will not tolerate any threat to that chance, to that life. For this reason, I felt very blessed to participate in this year’s March for Life. As young people living in Minnesota and as Teach for Christ Educators, we showed that we will always uphold the dignity of the unborn and will always fight for the chance for a small life to grow into a child of God.

Theresa Krueger