Educator Spotlight: Colby Cantillon

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As the 2018 school year gets its start, so too does one of Teach for Christ’s returning educators from last year’s founding class. Hailing from Blackwell Oklahoma, Mr. Colby Cantillon is serving Chesterton Academy in his second year teaching Latin and serving as Assistant Athletic Director. Colby, along with Lucas Berke, who was also assigned to Chesterton Academy last year, were the backbone of Chesterton Academy’s support system—serving as substitute teachers, lightening teacher paperwork loads, and assisting with Chesterton Academy’s athletics (to name just a few of their responsibilities). Colby remains an anchor for the Chesterton Academy community as he takes on the larger role of a whole classroom instructor at the St. Paul campus.  

Outside the classroom, Colby is valued by our community as a man of integrity, deep faith, and quite a bit of sass—dubbed by his peers as the “Sass Master” for his impeccably timed and cleverly comedic commentary. His background as a former seminarian and master theologian (earning his M.A. in Theology at Ave Maria University) has blessed the household with a member who has an extensive knowledge of the faith and practices of the Church. A man of many talents, when Colby is not found prepping for classes or reading in the study, he will be at work in the kitchen. Within the men’s household community, Colby serves as our designated cook, and some of his signature dishes to date include chickpea curry, apple-topped ham steaks, and roasted chicken thighs. 

We look forward to the amazing work Colby continues to do for his Chesterton Academy and Teach for Christ communities. Please continue to lift up prayers for our educators as we expand throughout the Twin Cities!

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“Doing a second year of Teach for Christ allows me to support Chesterton Academy and its mission. I am also drawn to living in a community that prays together and that serves a common mission. It’s a blessing to be living with a group of men who are striving to grow in holiness.”

Theresa Krueger