Unplanned Adventures: How Could Anything Go Wrong?


You’ve just experienced a year of change, of learning, of giving. So, what do you do with yourself and the group of people you’ve undergone this adventure with? You go on another adventure! That’s what educator Stephen Barnhart thought, at least, and most everyone else agreed. Though low on funds and time, (we are missionaries and recent college graduates at that) our only option was driving somewhere close by. So where could we go within driving distance? North was the boundary waters between Canada and Minnesota, fun but a little harsh for those inexperienced. East was Chicago or Wisconsin, also probably great but not enticing enough. South was Iowa. Sorry to most Iowan’s, but no (I kid). Then we set our eyes west and looked specifically at South Dakota, which involved traveling to the Badlands and the Black Hills. It had the advantage of having natural beauty, great history, and allowing Stephen to go a little further west than he had ever been before. Before too long, months of planning (by our natural-born planner, Stephen), it was set in stone. For those educators who wanted an additional adventure to end out their year, Teach for Christ was going to the Black Hills. 

As mentioned above, Stephen is usually our go to man when it comes time for something to be planned, and seeing how the trip itself was in large part his idea; he was determined to plan it. He did an amazing job finding beautiful campsites, mapping out a route of travel, calculating costs, and finding awesome gems amongst the Black Hills to check out. Price was definitely something we were interested in, so we chose activities that weren’t too expensive, but allowed us to share in the full experience. We would campout in the grandiose plains of the badlands, see the chiseled features of long ago presidents at Mount Rushmore, hike around Lake Sylvan on the beautiful Sunday Gulch Trail, and have plenty of free time to just take in the scenery. We were even able to take a wildlife drive through Custer Park, sit down for a Chuckwagon dinner, and do all of this in the space of a three-day weekend! How could anything go wrong?

Stayed tuned for the next part of the story!

Theresa Krueger