A Great Boost from Archbishop Hebda

Archbishop Hebda.jpg

We got absolutely great news in the mail!  Anne Miller, President of the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota wrote us to say:

“I want to congratulate Teach for Christ for being personally selected by the Most Reverend Bernard A. Hebda”—that’s our Archbishop!—"to receive this year’s Emil and Julia Wittman Memorial Fund grant.”

“Personally selected” by the Archbishop.  You can imagine what those words did for our morale!

The Wittman Fund is set up specifically to benefit “the poor, homeless, and disadvantaged” and is always given at the discretion of the Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  Teach for Christ was given the grant to support our work at the Ascension Academy Schools, which include Ascension, John Paul II, and Peter Claver. All three are inner city schools serving underprivileged students, and we work with all of them.

We were not expecting this award, didn’t know about it, and didn’t apply for it.  But it does remind us of the counsel the Archbishop gave us when he joined our Educators for dinner last spring. He told us he was particularly glad that we were prioritizing serving the “mission schools” that serve the poor. Maybe this was his way of emphasizing the point!

Even though we are so new, Archbishop Hebda has been great to us, very kind and encouraging.  But this one takes the cake!

Photo source: Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune News

Kendra Posch