April Spotlight: John Eilen

This past February, the TfC Educators and some close friends of the community gathered together in celebration of one man—on his birthday.

After a great steak feast, the party gathered in the Frassati House Living Room, conversing and making merry (or whatever people do at parties). In the middle of this chatter, Fr. Adam suggested a thoughtful exercise for the guest of honor. He proposed the following question:

“How has John been a blessing in your life?”

A proud Saint Paul native, John Eilen grew up as a parishioner of the Church of St. Agnes and attended its accompanying school. Most people who meet him for the first time would remark that he is an especially kind, young man who valued their time by having a meaningful conversation. And for those who know him very well, they say this friendly first impression is only the beginning.

His housemate, Colby Cantillon, speaks to this defining Johannine quality: “When John asks you how your day went, he really means it…and he won’t be satisfied with just a one-word answer.” 

John has been in the remarkable position of serving with two different school communities throughout the year. At both St. Mark’s School and John Paul II Preparatory School, students and staff alike commend Mr. Eilen for his joyful demeanor and high expectations.

As part of the Teach for Christ community, John inspires his brothers and sisters through the things he says and does. He often encourages the community to go on rosary walks, and challenges the TfC Educators to engage in the faith through provocative questions and lively discussion. If the TfC community has been chomping on the same subject for over an hour, it’s almost always thanks to John. As far as this TfC Educator can tell, his only real flaws are a general dislike of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and an affinity for raw, unsalted sunflower seeds.

Teach for Christ is thrilled to have hired John as Vice President of Development for this upcoming school year. In this capacity, John will be advocating and fundraising on behalf of the organization, while remaining a part of the residential community. We look forward to working with John as we advance the mission of supporting Catholic schools and reflecting Christ’s love to the students we encounter!

Kendra Posch