Special Guest Archbishop Hebda

Dinner at Frassati House is a fairly common occurrence. About once a week, Teach for Christ gets together in some fashion to be in community. We eat something cooked up together and share a few laughs as we recount the week’s adventures.

However, our dinner one evening this March was no common occurrence. We had the distinct pleasure of welcoming His Excellency, Archbishop Bernard Hebda into our home and at our table. After pleasant introductions over wine and cheese, the gathered party sat down for the appetizer course. TC Educators surrounded the Archbishop with conversation ranging from the sharing of our work in the schools, to taste testing the prosciutto pear bites.

 A favorite turn in the conversation was initiated by the Archbishop himself. In preparing for a speaking engagement on how to bring indifferent millennials back into the fold of the Church, he asked the TfC Educators for their thoughts. Many of us put forward the idea that young people become more engaged in the Church when given opportunities to serve in its mission: volunteering in Catholic schools, working in social outreach settings, and bearing witness in youth and young adult programs. Another ideal propelled to the forefront was residential living, and the powerful impact that living in a community has on growing in the life of faith.

A final episcopal blessing capped off a wonderful evening. Teach for Christ feels blessed and honored to have shared a wonderful meal and many fruitful conversations with His Excellency. Please keep Archbishop Hebda and the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis in your prayers. 

Kendra Posch