'Tis the Season for Giving

Advent is for gratitude. And we are so grateful that the Catholic schools we serve say we are already having a huge impact—and they have the data to show it!

It’s working! Kids are learning and kids are seeing the love of Christ.

But we need to do much, much more. Our current schools are asking us to double and triple the size of the missionary teams we send. Archbishop Hedba has asked us to serve many more schools in the diocese.

But the list of schools we can’t yet reach for lack of funding is far too long. Catholic schools are asking us to help them make more miracles. Help us say yes. Help us double our efforts in the New Year.

It doesn’t cost much. Our missionaries are so thrifty and so giving. In fact, we are proud to say that this year our missionaries—who serve without salary—dug deeper, hugged the cross a little more tightly and figured how to cut the costs of keeping them in the field by half! Apparently, our missionaries didn’t think that they were giving enough! We are so proud.

Bottom line: A little goes a long way. Some of our best supporters sign up for what amounts to 15 cents a day. And yet they have real impact.

Giving is easy and secure through our website.

Please don’t hesitate. Help our students, help our schools, help our missionaries, today.


Kendra Posch