Teach for Christ Participates in Mass of the Holy Spirit at U.S. Bank Stadium


In its second reprisal, the Catholic School Center for Excellence’s Mass of the Holy Spirit brought together over 12,000 students from across the archdiocese’s 79 affiliated Catholic schools. Scholars grades 4-8 had the chance to witness the faith on a large scale as they came together to worship—and some of our missionary educators got to join in with their students. Leah Baslter, a professional member of TfC and middle school teacher with Saint Peter Claver Catholic School, spoke highly of the event: “The Mass of the Holy Spirit was a beautiful experience! I became very emotional because I was able to see so many children receive Jesus’ Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. They might not understand the complexity and beauty of this gift yet, but they are the future of our Church. This is why I became a teacher— I want to help my students know Christ in a profound way.”

Other missionary educators were also present with their respective schools. Representing St. John Paul II Catholic School were educators Gabriel Heffernan and Jason Lee. Last year’s missionary educator, Betsy Peloquin, accompanied her 4th grade class from JPII in her new role as a full-time teacher. From Saint Mark’s Catholic School, Teach for Christ educators Maddy Elking and Daniel Davidson were also present with their students. 

Our sister organization and partner school, Chesterton Academy, was involved with the Mass of the Holy Spirit in a unique capacity. Of all the high schools in the archdiocese, Chesterton Academy had the honor of being invited to the Mass of the Holy Spirit in order to assist with crowd control, help with the Knight of Columbus coat drive, and distribute boxed lunches. TfC educators Sophia Rick and Colby Cantillon accompanied these student volunteers. 

Archbishop Hebda connected this impressive venue with an even more impressive analogy of the faith. His Excellency was present at a Vikings playoff game last season featuring the “Minneapolis Miracle”—a throw from Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs to beat the New Orleans Saints. The archbishop had seats close to the locker room, and could make out Diggs telling his coach, “Just like we practiced!” The life of faith is much like this “miracle” in that it takes a lot of practice in order to form what is truly miraculous—a relationship with our Creator God. 

Theresa Krueger