Educator Spotlight: Sophia Rick

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Graduation put Teach for Christ educator Sophia Rick back into the classroom. Sophia graduated from the University of St. Thomas last December with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Mathematical Statistics. She developed an interest in education at the end of her junior year, but found that it was too late to add a second major in education. Instead after graduation she began looking for ways to “weasel into the education system” and stumbled upon Teach for Christ. For her, it presented the perfect opportunity to determine if teaching is her vocation.

With her background in mathematics, Sophia was placed at Chesterton Academy. She teaches Calculus II to a small class of advanced students, assists in Geometry and Calculus I, and manages all math tutoring at the school. Eventually, she may take over the Calculus I classroom as well. She finds the work “a bit challenging,” but has found she has had “so many chances to grow in my faith, [especially] being in the school, seeing Christ in the kids and trying to be Christ to them.”

Outside of the classroom, Sophia greatly enjoys life in the community and keeps a community of largely introverts engaged with her musical talents, knowledge of the area, and infectious humor. She has graciously accepted the title of “Household Boyfriend” and all the responsibilities that come with it, from killing moths to changing light bulbs.  

We are excited to witness Sophia’s continued growth this year through her service at Chesterton Academy. Please keep her and the rest of our educators in your prayers throughout the year.

Theresa Krueger