A-List Education to Train Teach for Christ Educators as ACT Teachers/Tutors

We are happy to announce that A-List Education will not only be training Teach for Christ Educators as ACT teachers and tutors this summer, but will also provide ongoing support to our work with students during the year. Ongoing support includes unlimited practice tests graded and evaluated by A-List and other invaluable teacher/student aids. Later in the year we will bring A-List back to train our Educators on the SAT as well.

A-List is a great partner for Teach for Christ. The acclaimed non-profit is working to close the “test-prep gap” by which lower-income students, whose families cannot afford expensive ACT/SAT tutoring programs offered by commercial companies, may have lower scores on standardized tests as a result. By training teachers and tutors, A-List helps these students compete.

Many of the Catholic schools and communities we work with can benefit from this help. With the assistance of A-List, Teach for Christ Educators will be there to provide it.

Kendra Posch