Andrew Pudewa, Head of Institute for Excellence in Writing, To Personally Lead Two-Day Training Seminar for Teach for Christ Educators

Asking the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) to come in and instruct our Educators how to teach writing was a no-brainer from the first day we started putting together our training program. We know many teachers who have been through IEW training and sing its praises. We love IEW because its program teaches students how to write by teaching them how to read and how to think. Students taught the IEW way not only become better writers, but also learn skills that help them in all their studies and even later in professional life.

You can imagine then how thrilled we were to learn that the renowned Andrew Pudewa, who leads IEW, has given IEW presentations around the world, and has authored numerous books and training tools on how to teach writing, told his staff that he personally wants to teach the Teach for Christ team.  Andrew is a devout Catholic and evangelist, and a big fan of what we are doing. This past April he spent an entire day at Chesterton Academy in Edina MN-- where we have our headquarters and do our summer training--working with Headmaster Dave Beskar and the Chesterton Academy teachers. Now on August 14 and 15, Andrew will come back to train the Teach for Christ team.



Kendra Posch