Principal of “Miracle Working” Inner-City Catholic School Eager for Help from Teach for Christ Educators

Ascension School in Minneapolis is known for working educational miracles with inner city students.

In a neighborhood in which HS graduation rates are discouraging low, well over 90 percent of students who complete 8th grade at Ascension go on to graduate from high school. One recent Ascension graduating class went on to a HS graduation rate of 100%. 

Though many Ascension students come to the school far below grade level, they soon outscore nearby public schools on standardized tests for reading and math.

According to Principal Benito Matias, one secret of Ascension’s success is lots of one-on-one and small group instruction that can help students far below grade level to catch up—sometimes very quickly.

As Principal Matias explains, such “one-on-one leadership helps not only by pin-pointing academic challenges but by inspiring our scholars and reminding them they are valued.”

Principal Matias says he’d love to have Teach for Christ Educators helping his young scholars.  In fact, he told us, there is only one thing he does not like about Teach for Christ: because we are so new we are still small. “You guys are talking about fielding four or six Educators next year.  We’d take a dozen just at Ascension.