December Spotlight: Isabel Brown

Teach for Christ is not just a program—it is a community. We are young adults serving Christ in Catholic schools, living together, working together, praying and playing together, supporting each other spiritually, personally, and professionally.

That’s where our professional members come in. Our residences welcome not only Educators employed full-time by Teach for Christ, but also other young single Catholic education professionals, who share our commitment and take full part in our community.

Isabel Brown is a great example. Isabel is in her first year teaching at one of our TfC schools, Chesterton Academy. She also serves as the Household Leader for Frassati House, our women’s residence.

Isabel was working as a development assistant for Chesterton Academy, while TfC was being brought to life in the same building. She was excited to embark on her journey as a first year teacher, but couldn't help but be intimidated by frequent complaints of loneliness she’d heard from her post grad friends, and experienced herself.

With student loans on the horizon, Isabel had made plans to move home for the coming year. Then Teach for Christ offered her the position of Women’s Household Leader and it could not have come at a better time. “It was too good an opportunity to turn down,” she says.

Isabel says that serving as a professional member in TfC gives her “the best of both worlds. I have a wonderful community to live with, and I was able to keep my full- time job, gaining experience and paying off my loans.”

Isabel says that being a part of TfC keeps her on her toes. She is called to balance her workload at school along with her responsibilities as a Household Leader.

“When I keep close to the Lord and don't let myself become overwhelmed, life as a professional member is great. It is far more rewarding than simply doing my job because I have the opportunity to lead others in faith.”

Isabel is off to a great start this school year with faith-filled friendships, rewarding work, and a chance to deepen her relationship with God by serving with Teach for Christ.


Kendra Posch