Friendsgiving: A Festive Recount

Friendsgiving Photo.jpg

Where do green bean casserole, rotisserie chicken, spinach-artichoke dip, and lightly glazed rolls make the perfect meal? Well, here at Teach for Christ, that would be Friendsgiving. Using the choice food descriptor of Educator Colby Cantillon, let’s recount this “tas-TY” occasion (phonetic spelling compliments of his accent).

A gathering of TfC Educators and their friends was the brainchild of women’s household leader, Isabel Brown. The TfC gentlemen offered to have the feast in their humble abode, nicknamed the “Narwhal” (story to come on that nickname and men’s household life).

Planned for the evening of Saturday, November 18, the night began shortly after 5:00 p.m. as guests started trickling in. Chairman Richard Vigilante stopped by early on to wish the educators a Happy Thanksgiving and to drop off a red wine that paired well with the classic pumpkin pie he also donated to this feast. A sturdy folding table, provided by the generosity of our housemates, the brothers of Pro Ecclesia Sancta, served as our spacious buffet.

Once everyone arrived, the evening began with some wine tasting and lighthearted chatter. Educators Stephen Barnhart and Colby Cantillon were preparing the main birds of the night—three rotisserie chickens, carved expertly by the gentlemen thanks to directions from Google. After a careful reheating, Educator Maria Miller’s spinach-artichoke dip was served at the main table as an appetizer. There were equal parts chatter and munching from that point forward.

Shortly after, dinner was served! Grace was initiated by men’s household leader Lucas Berke, and the spread included a sampling of home cooked recipes and out of the box favorites: stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn bread, tossed salad, cranberry sauce, upside-down cranberry cake, and snickerdoodle blondies (including the abovementioned dishes).

Following dinner, Educators retired to the common area, carrying their conversations with them from the table to the sectional sofa. These proceedings eventually divulged into a sharing of old and painfully awkward homemade YouTube videos from the past, as well as a little YouTube karaoke. The night was capped off with dessert and a few rounds of Heads Up!, with Fr. Adam Tokashiki joining in towards the end.

This Friendsgiving celebration reminded us all of how truly thankful to God we are for all the blessings He has bestowed in our lives, especially the friendships we have formed through Teach for Christ over the last four months.  As brothers and sisters in Christ, we have grown as a community, united in our mission to serve the children in our schools, as well as one another. As we prepare for the new liturgical year, we ask Our Lord, through the intercession of His Sacred Heart, to continue to guide us in this ministry.