from students, staff, & almuni

These men and women have been offering great witness and service to our catholic schools.

Their work witnesses the truth of Christ's healing love.

Teach for Christ has brought hope to many in this archdiocese.

bp. Bernard Hebda 

archbishop for the diocese of st.paul & minneapolis


I take each moment

with every child and think to myself

what can I do right now to bring this child closer to God


Teach for Christ Alumnus


You are getting to interact with kids who are in the prime time of their formation. Having an opportunity to walk with people in their everyday life is the best kind of service. To be the love of Christ to people in the most mundane moments is some of the most powerful service that there is.


Teach for Christ Alumnus

John E.png

If you're a young college graduate who is not entirely sure what you want to do with your life at the moment

but knows you want to do something good, something that matters, something that's important.

Really think about serving with Teach for Christ.

John e

Alumnus & former staff

"my reason"

"the community"

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The most rewarding part has been living in community. 

You learn about yourself and you learn about them you learn about their strengths and weaknesses but I think most importantly you learn a lot about your own. You are able to be open with one another and build each other up.





from our missionaries


One of my first grade girls, I will call her Lila, changed my life earlier this year. While we were reading some books, I felt she was a little sad and discouraged. She was very quiet during the read aloud. Later, I asked my students to write down three things they loved about themselves, and she just stared at the piece of paper. I asked her: “Lila what’s wrong?” She replied saying that she could not think of anything that she loved about herself and that she wished she was like her bigger sister, because she was beautiful, smart, and kind. 


My heart dropped. I was so sad. 


At that moment, I told her how beautiful she is and how she is a daughter of God, treasured, and created for a great purpose. I said that she was wonderfully made, and I named some of her qualities. She gave me a big smile and started to write some words on her paper. We did not have enough time to finish the activity on that day, so I assigned it as homework. When she shared her assignment with me it read as follows:


“I am amazing because I am:  

1) Kind   2) Chosen   3) Pretty   4) Smart.”


Since that day, Lila’s confidence has grown, and she smiles often. I keep reminding her that she is beautiful, set apart, and very special to me, to her class, to her school, to her family, and to God.

Maria J.

Teach for Christ Missionary


jacie k.

Teach for Christ Missionary

One morning, I could tell this boy was having a bad day. I asked how he was doing, and he admitted that he had already been in trouble at the start of the day. He confessed, “I never got a warning.” What concerned him even more than being in trouble was that he would not be admitted to recess. The boy explained, “I’m gonna have to sit out during recess but that’s where I get my energy out. Now I have to try and sit all afternoon, and I’m going to get yelled at.”


I looked at him and said, “you know, that is a part of you that I really love. Your joy and your excitement are really beautiful. I come to school everyday and enjoy seeing that. Sometimes I bring your goodness, and creativity to prayer.  Everywhere you go, you go with a smile on your face and that’s how God chose to make you.

When I see you, I see



He asked if I really felt that way. He wanted to know he wasn’t truly a burden. 

“Do you really look forward to it? Do you think that’s a good thing?” I affirmed, “absolutely! I do think that!” 


His eyes lit up. 


I try to remind my students often of my own imperfection. It’s frustrating that some adults assume certain children are insufficiently mature to receive God’s love in profound ways. I’ve seen this misconception disproven. Witnessing kids' receptiveness to God’s love has motivated me to show them Christ even more.


I was talking to the student one-on-one and asked why he was acting this way.

He said, "Ms. Hannah, I've made a lot of bad mistakes in my life."

"We all have. We all make mistakes and it's not a big deal" I responded. He went on, "but I've made some really, really bad choices." So I told him,

"I forgive you..."

"...and every day that you walk through that door, you are a brand new person. Every day, I want to see the best version of you." His face lit up. He was smiling, and as he went out the door, I watched him transform from down and blue to a happy, joyful, child.

hannah b.

Teach for Christ Missionary