Serving as a 

missionary educator

Build your career. Build the church.

Teacher Helping a Student

How you build your Career.

You earned a college degree. Now what?

Serving as a Teacher or Apprentice Teacher with Teach for Christ will give you the skills that every
employer looks for in their future employees.

But you may be considering teaching as your career. This is a great way to start! You will work alongside experienced faculty and staff, learning best practices in the art of classroom instruction and management. The experience you gain can open doors to that first teaching job.


How you build the Church.

Catholic education is so much more than academic achievement; it is about educating the whole person.
Catholic teachers help children grow deeper in their faith,

in integrity and in their knowledge and understanding

of the world.

"Do you want to do a good deed? Educate the young!

Do you want to perform a holy act? Educate the young! 

Do you want to do a holy thing? Educate the young!

Truly, now and for the future, among holy things, this is the holiest."

St. John Bosco


WHOwe are looking for:

   Mission-minded men and women who:

  • desire to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally by serving in K-12 Catholic schools

  • have experience working with youth

  • have strong academic achievement

  • are between 21-28 years old

  • are single (no spouse, no dependents) will live and actively participate in a Catholic household

  • are able to pass a safe environment training required by the school

request & submit

an application

Takes 10-15 minutes.

(includes resume upload)

complete the interview process

One professional interview.

One character & faith interview.

(both are virtual)

attend an

information weekend

Currently hosted virtually

the application process

"Can I afford a year of mission?"

and we'll show you how

Student loans can be deferred during your first year of service