Our Patron Saints

 St. John Paul II, pray for us!


Christ called St. John Bosco to serve as a friend, mentor, teacher, and father to neglected children. He would father groups of young boys together to play games, to hear confessions, to talk about work, and to encourage virtue. Bosco famously said, "It is not enough to love the young, they must know that they are loved." His life was devoted to bringing young people to God through education, friendship, and love. 


As the patron of Catholic youth, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati was known for his vibrant spirit and his love for adventure. He and a close group of peers created a community based on friendship in Christ, their love of the outdoors, and service. Son of a wealthy family, Bl. Pier Giorgio dedicated his life to serving the poor and those in need until his death at the young age of 24. His motto, Verso l'alto, or "To the heights" embodied his constant desire to strive towards the summit of eternal life. 

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The founder of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius encouraged his men to go out and find God in all things. They spent most of their time in spaces such as classrooms, ready to live for the greater glory of God and defend the truth. Through prayer and contemplation, St. Ignatius discerned God's will and grew in self-knowledge. A former soldier, he and his Society worked tirelessly to combat heresy through education. He believed that reason could be used to evangelize, founding 35 schools before his eventual death. 


He was and remains the greatest advocate of Catholic education in modern times. A great advocate for the layman's vigorous participation in the life of the Church, Newman would be delighted by the explosive growth of lay apostolates in the wake of Vatican II. His sermons invite the layman to raise his sites and follow Christ with his whole heart and mind, body, and soul.