Our founder, Richard Vigilante, like so many Catholics of his generation, saw his life’s trajectory set by his Catholic education. Catholic school taught him and his classmates the true purpose of life: 

to know, love, and serve God.


Without that anchor so many would be adrift without hope. As Catholic schools began to lose students to high and rising tuition, he became concerned that future generations would be denied what he had been given.  He made it his goal in life to make Catholic school affordable to every Catholic family and see Catholic schools full and growing again.  

Richard had contemplated the priesthood as a young man. When he ultimately chose a different path, he found himself wishing that there had been a way he could serve Christ completely, not for a life time as a priest does, but in those special years of freedom after college, and before marriage. Realizing that many young Catholics today must have the same yearning, he realized their passion could be the answer to rebuilding Catholic schools and so much more.

The result is Teach for Christ: a new funding model for Catholic schools.  We send teams of trained missionaries into schools, to serve as teachers, academic coaches, mentors and even marketers and business leaders. The result: Catholic schools can teach more students, better, and at a lower cost.

By far the most important reason we serve in Catholic schools is because we are called by Christ himself to be in them.


The great work of building the Kingdom of God begins in our hearts and minds, formed at a young age in the faith.


For generations, children have received instruction in the faith and have learned and grown within Catholic schools, and we feel blessed and privileged to bolster these beacons in our communities.

"It is the challenge of fully understanding the educational enterprise,
of properly evaluating its content, and of transmitting the full truth concerning the human person,
created in God's image and called to life in Christ through the Holy Spirit."
St. John Paul the Great