inviting our missionaries

to your school


At Teach for Christ, our goal is to lower the cost per student in order to stabilize or even decrease tuition, allowing more families to afford Catholic education. We have already helped schools boost their enrollment!



you receive:


they all teachers?


will they serve?

We send teams of 4 to 6 missionaries into a school to serve as teachers, assistant teachers, coaches, tutors and mentors. Our missionaries are prepared to serve in any way they can.


Although we typically recruit a few newly certified teachers, most of the Teach for Christ missionaries have non-education degrees. Many of them are discerning a call to work as Catholic educators and are serving with Teach for Christ to gain experience in a Catholic school. We offer them an intensive six-week summer training to prepare them for the rigors of mission life and to for service in a classroom.


A team of Teach for Christ missionary educators could serve a school as:​​

  • Academic Coaches

  • In school & after school tutors

  • Teachers of non-core academics 

    • (art, music, language, P.E.)

  • Marketing, administrative support

  • Before school/after school coordinators

  • Faith formation/chaplaincy support 

  • Substitute teachers

  • Classroom/subject teacher (For missionaries with an education degree or sufficient experience)


we ask of your school:

Pay $5,000

per missionary, per school year.


Locate low cost or free housing for a team of 4-6 missionaries.


Teach for Christ in your local area.