Catholic school innovation can boost enrollment and Teach for Christ is a key factor in supporting innovation. One of the Catholic schools which we serve reported a 20% increase in enrollment partly due to the launch of an enrichment program, supported by the Teach for Christ missionaries.  

Teach for Christ is a powerful academic asset for schools. Classrooms with a Teach for Christ missionary educator have seen up to a 25% increase in the student academic achievement. Through one-on-one instruction a Teach for Christ missionary educator can give the time and attention to struggling students to increase their academic performance

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A school reported a 75% drop in disciplinary referrals


Missionary educators strengthen classrooms by assisting teachers with classroom management. Our partner schools have seen a decrease in behavior referrals as a result of the efforts of our missionary educators, whose roles allow them the time to listen and to attend to the individual needs of the students. The one-on-one attention allows students to refocus re-engage in the learning environment. 


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