Our founding principles are simple.


Benito Mathias, Principal of Ascension Catholic School.


There are so many things Catholic schools need, and that’s why we put service first, even before teaching.  Most of our Educators spend most of their time in a classroom, but it’s all service: coaching basketball, leading a club, taking a turn at the front desk, directing a scene in the school play, helping with a fundraiser, or grading papers.  We commit to serve Christ in any way we can, in any way He needs. At Teach for Christ, it’s all-hands-on-deck, all the time.



Teaching is service squared, because above all you are teaching others the joy of becoming servants, of building communities around the love of Christ. Yes, you are teaching math or history or Latin or drama—skills for success in college and in life. But really, you are teaching others why they are alive and how to be happy. And you will find, despite the dramas of childhood and agonies of adolescence, that students experiencing the truth are happy. 


Dave Beskar,  Superintendent and Headmaster, Chesterton Academy of the Twin Cities.


Teachers in Catholic schools have tough yet beautiful jobs. The hours are long and the work can be draining. But they do so much for Christ and the students, and studies show they are far more fulfilled than many of their contemporaries. Those lucky enough to go to a Catholic school, know all about that. We try to respond in kind, not for a lifetime like the teachers, but for a year or two in which we lighten the load, loving their students with them, and for Him. What a privilege!



Why is our motto "Docere est Ducere", “to teach is to lead”? Every day you will be leading by example, building character by displaying character, encouraging faith by witnessing your own. Educating and mentoring children is one of the greatest leadership challenges ever. There just aren’t a whole lot of first jobs that are better training for leadership in business, in life, and for Christ. It’s a great way to start—and a great way to serve.


"Education is a thing of the heart."

St. John Bosco