• How does the Application process work?

Start by filling our our online application - it only takes a few minutes! We have limited openings, and applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. Selected applicants will be contacted directly for a phone interview.

  • What does an Educator do on a daily basis?

We ask our Educators to be ready and willing to serve whenever and wherever their school needs them. A typical day might include teaching or co-teaching several classes (especially as an “Integrated Tutor”) or after-school tutoring of students who need extra help on college prep. Then there is grading papers, coaching a sports team, mentoring a club. For those eager to get experience in business leadership, there are additional opportunities in administration, marketing, and even fundraising. You will check in regularly with your Team to discuss challenges—and triumphs!

Your day starts and ends in community prayer with your Team, and Teams usually have dinner together, either at their Team Household, or with a nearby Team, or sometimes with families from the schools in which they are serving. Saturdays might be devoted to special service, preparation for the school week to come, and/or personal time. Sundays are days of rest; often on a Sunday (or Saturday) there will be a field trip or social activity planned for those who would like to join. One weekend a month, and during Christmas and Spring breaks, Educators are on their own time, though their Household Residences will remain open and available.

  • How does Teach for Christ help Catholic schools?

We help schools do more with less. Our Educators help overworked teachers and their students by working in the classroom, tutoring, coaching sports, mentoring clubs, and even helping with the business of running a school. With so much one-on-one and small group work with students, you can have a tremendous impact on the education of a young person.

  • What does Teach for Christ training look like?

We start in mid-June with an orientation focused on “Safe Environment” training followed by six weeks of on-the-job training as a Teaching Assistant/Integrated Tutor in an inner city Catholic K-8 summer school in the Twin Cities MN. 

Then, after you’ve had a chance to experience hands-on learning, you head into four and half weeks of classroom work on educational best practices. This part of training will be headquartered on campus at Chesterton Academy in Edina MN. You’ll focus on basics like building an effective lesson plan and classroom management. You will also have the opportunity to attend sessions on youth ministry and economics of a Catholic school including marketing, recruiting, fundraising and management.

There will be special two day seminars available on how to help students with writing and reading comprehension (provided by the Institute for Excellence in Writing), and preparing high school students for the ACT/SAT (provided by A-List Education).

After this “on-the-job” portion of your training is completed, you will join your Team on a three-day retreat and then it's time for the new school year!

  • What is Integrated Tutoring?

Integrated tutoring is a powerful tool for helping students who are behind grade level, or having problems with a particular subject, to power ahead quickly while building a supportive relationship with an adult tutor/mentor. Integrated tutoring draws on the documented success of one-on-one instruction to help a student master in days what might normally have taken him weeks—or never happened at all of he is feeling lost in class. We call it “integrated” because the tutor works closely with the classroom teacher, often right in the classroom, with the goal of getting the student ready to truly benefit from day to day classwork instead of falling further behind. 

Some of the schools we work with have used one-on-one instruction to perform real miracles with students who many schools might have given up on. Integrated tutoring adds tremendous value to Catholic schools and is one of the biggest ways our Educators can change children’s lives.

  • How will educators be compensated?

In addition to valuable training and experience, first year Educators receive room and board, health insurance, and a monthly stipend of $500. Educators who are invited to serve a second year will receive room and board and an increased stipend. 

  • Where will Teach for christ educators live?

Educators will live as a team in a household, with separate residences for the men and women. Each house will have a resident house leader, usually a young teacher familiar with the Teach for Christ program. In some cases, teams, with their house leaders, may live in residence with an existing campus ministry group or in a residence hosted by a religious order.

  • What if i don't have a car? Will you provide transportation?

Yes. Teams will share a vehicle provided by Teach for Christ.

  • Is Teach for Christ only for people who want to be teachers?

Absolutely not! We expect that a majority of TC Educators will serve for a year, maybe two, and then go on to a career outside of education, applying the leadership and communications skills they learned in TC.  Of course, we welcome education majors who already have student teaching experience and can hit the ground running. Depending on your program, service in TC may fulfill your student teaching requirement.

  • I'll still be in college next year, is there a Summer only option?

Absolutely! We have a great 6-week summer service opportunity working with SLAM (Super Language and Math), a summer school run by Ascension Academy in Minneapolis. It’s a chance to make a real difference in the lives of children growing up in a challenging inner-city environment. With the benefit of lots of one-on-one and small group instruction, these students can really power ahead in six weeks at SLAM. And you can be part of that as a Teach for Christ Summer Associate, living in a Teach for Christ household, building friendships, joining in our spiritual life, and discerning whether you would like to come back for the full year tour when you graduate or take a gap year. Summer Associates do also receive a stipend.

  • Can currently enrolled college students serve part-time during the school year?

If you would like to continue your service during the school year, become a Teach for Christ Associate by committing to a minimum of four hours of service a week during the school term. One great feature of the school year program is that we will have you professionally trained as an ACT/SAT tutor - a great skill to have. Catholic High schools really need ACT/SAT tutors to help lower-income students close “the test prep gap.” Commit to Tutoring for Teach for Christ for a few hours a week, for at least one school year and then keep your test-prep credentials as a way to make good money for years to come.

  • Can high school students participate?

Teach for Christ High School Associates are welcome to serve for a minimum of two weeks in our six-week summer service program at SLAM (see above), and/or for two to four hours a week during the school year. High School students do not live in Teach for Christ Households, but you will get to know the Teach for Christ crew and will be welcome to special events including retreats.

  • I'm already a professional teacher serving in a Catholic school. Are there any opportunities for me with Teach for Christ?

Yes!  And you have something for us! Experience and leadership, mentoring and training for our young Educators. If you are a single, Catholic school teacher or staff person, under the age of 30, and share a passion for making excellent Catholic schools available to all, you may wish to consider becoming a (resident) Professional Member of Teach for Christ. As a resident Professional, you will live in a Teach for Christ Household, share in our simple community prayer life, and lend your informal help and guidance to our Educators living in that Household or serving in the school in which you teach. Room and board are free.

We also have non-resident professional members. If you work in Catholic Education in any capacity, and regardless of age or marital status, you are invited to become a (non-resident) Professional Member of Teach for Christ. Dues are $99 per year. You will receive our quarterly newsletter and be invited to a variety of Teach for Christ activities at no or reduced cost, including professional development/continuing education seminars, retreats, special guest lectures and other events.

Still have more questions?