Where They're Going | Mallory Sharp

Feb. 27, 2021

Summer 2021 Newsletter


Meet Mallory Sharp, the new middle-school religion and English Teacher at St John Paul II School.

When they first arrive, most of our Missionary Educators are still learning to be lead teachers.  Thanks to an exceptionally generous donor, Mallory came to us with a teaching degree in hand and ready to go. 

Mallory easily could have found a full-time salaried job as a teacher. Instead she volunteered to be a missionary: serving in an inner-city school.

Maillory’s Principal, Tricia Menzhuber, (M.Ed. Notre Dame) is known for her high standards,  when Tricia praises a teacher, you can take it to the bank. About Mallory, she says,  “Outstanding! We have been very blessed with extraordinary Teach for Christ Educators and Mallory is exceptional among them!” 

Tricia was amazed that a teacher of Mallory’s skill “ volunteered her professional service as a full-time teacher of record” in an inner-city school. “What a gift of her time and talent!”

Mallory was faced with an unexpected challenge when JP II was forced to go virtual for six months.  Still,  Mallory says, through “my year of service at Teach for Christ, I was able to form meaningful relationships with my students and colleagues.”

That may be why Principal Menzhuber, commenting that “Mallory is uniquely formed for Catholic Schools” recently asked her to stay on as a full-time faculty member.

“I know that serving these students in Minneapolis is exactly where I am meant to be, and I do not think I would have discovered that without Teach for Christ.”

When our donors help a brilliant young woman like Mallory discern a vocation to teach Christ’s children in need, all we can say is thank you!