The Cross was Always Plan A

Mar. 1, 2021

Christian Gutierrez

Staff Member


So often we get caught up in all the evils that befall our world. Reflecting on our own sins, we may even come to hate ourselves while romanticizing how much better we would be in a world without sin. In a sense this is true. A world without sin would be much better. By definition it would be perfect. But I do not believe that free willed beings like ourselves could truly reach the kind of perfection God intends for us without having first experienced the real choice between love and sin.

Let me backup just a little. 

God is by definition a community of three distinct people. He is also perfectly good. We also know that we are social beings designed for community and that we are made in the image of God. This being the case, I presume it would be safe to say that a being who is the source of goodness, and is all powerful, who is himself a community would want nothing more than to continue sharing the goodness of himself with as many others as possible. This is where I believe we come in. God created us to be a part of his community, a part of his family, and to share in his goodness for all of eternity.

Now let’s take a detour.

We have all heard about artificial intelligence. It’s a part of the modern machines we use daily. While these devices might seem or behave intelligently at times they simply are not. They have no sense of self and no desires, thus no ability to really make any choice. That is because they were made to serve a very practical finite purpose. We on the other hand were created for a mystical and eternal experience. 

The key here is choice. To be more exact the key is the ability to choose.

You see God created us for him. He created us to be loved by him and for us to love him back. Love though can only be willed by a free person capable of making the choice to love. So if we want love we need those involved to be free. Here’s the catch; a free person can also choose not to love.

Us having the opportunity to actively choose not to love is itself the cost of love. This fallen world is the cost of love. If we had only ever existed in a world where we could only choose to love God and where we could never choose to sin, then we would not be free and 

our love would be as real as that of Siri's or Alexa's.

Not only did God know all the evil that would transpire because of humanity’s free will, God knew it was the only way for free-willed beings to truly have the choice of loving him back. Adam and Eve HAD to fall and so did you. Each of us has to know what we are choosing between for our choice to really be full and true.

The cross was never a backup plan to deal with our mess. The cross was ALWAYS part of the plan that would lead to real love. It was the only plan. It is what allows us to run back to God (if we wish that is) after having ran away from him. While we should not make light of our sins, we should remember that they are like a drop of water in an ocean of God's love and mercy.