Founder Letter | Summer 2021

Feb. 27, 2021

Richard Vigilante



Dear Friend in Christ, 

Catholic schools are growing again! You heard that right… 

Many Catholic schools actually added students as families fled public schools that abandoned their children to a Zoom screen for 16 months.

Why? Because Catholic schools and teachers are mission-driven. They didn’t abandon our children. Most Catholic schools reopened as soon as they could make their students and teachers safe.  Many families who joined will stay! We’ve been praying for our Catholic schools to grow -- and it’s finally happening. 

Growth presents challenges. Larger class sizes strain teachers and worry parents. Plus, many new students have never been in a Catholic school before, with our  higher standards for behavior and charity. Some teachers saw a sharp rise in class disorder this past year.

But never fear. Through the generous support of heroes like you, we are partnering with Catholic schools to face these challenges. 

Teachers and students are receiving exactly the kind of help they need from the Teach for Christ Missionary Educators you are sponsoring! 

Adding a missionary to a classroom reduces disorder by as much as 75% and increases learning by as much as 25% and keeps the student to educator ratio in balance! 

Thanks to you, students are learning more, teachers feel supported, and parents’ hopes are renewed. 

With your help we are embarking on a new era for Catholic education, with Catholic schools growing  bigger, stronger, and healthier than ever. 

Enjoy this issue of our newsletter and thanks 

for being a part of our family. 

God bless,

Richard Vigilante