Donor Spotlight | Dan & Sheryl Moran

Feb. 27, 2021

Richard Vigilante



Dan Moran and Sheryl Moran are good and generous friends who have been part of our mission since almost the beginning. This year they are the “Talent Sponsors” for our “October Laugh Fest” coming up October 16. 

Jen Fulwiler will be headlining, so when you fall out of your seat laughing, thank the Morans.

I met Dan a few years ago when he was being honored for his generosity to St Paul’s Outreach. As the speaker went on about Dan and Sheryl’s giving I began thinking ‘wow this Moran guy must be really good at making money for his clients.’  

Then with my usual steel trap logic, I had the thought ‘gee maybe this Moran guy could make me some money.’ Naturally, I accosted him after the event and proposed that he make the Vigilante family rich. Federal law, Dan pointed out, strictly forbade him from making any such promises. ‘Sure’ I said ‘but could you give it a shot?’

We’ve been friends ever since and my portfolio is definitely looking a lot better!

I quickly learned why Dan is so successful. He lacks any gene for shyness. 

One day during a chapel service in his freshman year at college Dan tapped the person in front of him to ask for a missal. When she turned around he got his first ever glimpse of Sheryl, was smitten, and proceeded unhesitatingly to jump over the pew. Miraculously landing on his feet he said, “Hi, my name is Dan.” In due course Dan proposed. 

As to why he and Sheryl have joined so strongly in the mission of Teach for Christ, Dan says,

“We love Catholic schools for the impact they have on the world and we love Teach for Christ because it helps us help Catholic schools”

Couldn’t say it better myself. Dan, Sheryl for all the great things you have done for our missionaries, our schools, and their teachers and students,

thank you and God bless.